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Voices Now: Who are We?

Imagine the possibilities…great voices and professional voice talent. The limits are, well…limitless. Warm friendly voiceover reads to whacked out characters. Voices Now features hundreds of voice actors from Dallas to London, England. Voices Now is a national voiceover casting-booking-production company. Our talents are hand-picked and personally invited to work with us, that way we get to choose and get the very best voiceover talents. We do not have an automated voiceover website. We work directly with clients helping them choose the correct talent for their project. We offer FREE casting with selected national talents reading your script. If you need help finding the right professional voice talent for your media production we’ll find the perfect voice artist for you from over 550 American talents and 1,200 foreign talents. We will personally cast and select voice artists to audition that are right on target for your project. We also specialize in international localization offering translation and foreign voiceover in 90 languages. Plus we are editing video subtitles for foreign productions.


Voices Now is a service based voiceover business interfacing one-on-one with clients; we’re not a programmed or automated process like other sites. Use our website to listen to demos or we will cast for the project and deliver you Mp3 auditions of voice actors reading your script. Just give one our agent’s a call.


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Our talent finder makes it easy and fun to find just the right talent. Listen through and if you like something just give it a thumbs up. You'll find exactly what your project needs.

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Lingual Services

Voices Now offers over 90 different foreign languages to choose from, andnarrator is a cost-effective solution to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents in the world.

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Foreign Voice Overs

Voices Online Now offers over eighty different foreign languages to choose from, and a voice over narrator is a cost-effective solution to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents.

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