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How to Start a Career in Voice Over

You have a great speaking voice and you’ve always been told you’d be a great voiceover artist. So now you’re getting serious about starting a voiceover career. The trouble is, you know nothing about what it takes to become a voice actor. Well, the good news is, voice acting is a big business and is only getting bigger. The bad news is, voiceover is a highly competitive industry and voice acting jobs are hard to come by. So you need to be armed with reliable information to have your best chance at succeeding in voiceover.

In Situ Real Life

Get out of the studio. Go on, pack up some portable equipment, gather your actors and go to where the spot is situated. Good radio commercials are stories which all take place somewhere – in a car, by a lake, at a breakfast table, in a bathroom, kitchen, field, forest – so go there. The sound will be more natural. It’ll stand out on the air because it won’t have that dry “studio’ sound.

Negative Comments are Positive, Profitable, and More Productive

shutterstock_110410124 Here is one for all the voices like me who actually prefer the sound of, "We can't stand your voice, your 'takes', and we will not hire you." As opposed to "Well, we feel your voice and 'takes' are just fine and we are going to keep you 'on-file'." I've learned the latter comment is jus

I Don’t Understand Network Promo Voice Casting

Do many of today's promo voices all sound the same? If I turn my head and fail to hear the network letters, I can't tell which network is which. Yeah, the voices often sound fine (some are terrible), but I just can't tell many of the voices or their networks apart.

The Challenges of Medical Narration

By Julie Williams Medical Narration is its own animal. It’s a VO genre that presents unique challenges, but also offers great rewards. One of the greatest rewards in Medical Narration is repeat business. Once a client finds a talent who can confidently, and competently rise to the challenge, he usually comes back time and time again.

Radio Vo - The Back Story

Life is a continuum, and when you write your commercial story, you’re showing the listener a small segment of life, a slice of time if you will.   To make that slice “real,” to give it the necessary tension to capture the listener’s attention and imagination, create a back story: what led up to the scene your listener RedCoatGirl is about to

Dialogue is Conversation

If you make your commercial sound like real life, instead of sounding like a commercial, you have a better chance of capturing the attention of that over-communicated-to audience listening in.

Audio Theatre

What are some of the skills you need to create great radio commercials?  The ability to capture attention, tell compelling stories, involve the listener’s imagination, create effective dialogue, develop distinct characters, and use music and sound effects to weave an audio spell.

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