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A Thousand Words and a Million Sounds

Today’s blog is a little more gut-wrenching than our usual. This video was made by Save the Children, a nonprofit organization that works to save children’s lives and fight for their rights. The video is chilling, depicting a second a day in the little girl’s life. It connects you with the little girl subtly. With only one-second clips, they are able to convey the emotions children go through when they are at their happiest and when they are at their lowest.

We’re Old School: Talents

Let’s face it. We’d all love to have Jim Dale narrate our book. The problem is we don’t all have the tens of thousands of dollars that costs. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Morgan Freeman voiced your insightful ad? Of course, but, once again, the typical budget doesn’t leave room for such a massively famous voice, but there is hope yet. The typical budget won’t get you Morgan Freeman or Jim Dale, but it will get you a massively talented voice actor with Voices Online Now.

The 2014 Audies are Nearly Upon Us!

If you don’t know what the Audies are, let me explain. Audies are to the audiobook industry as the Oscars are to the film industry, as the Grammys are to the music industry. The Audies is where all of us gather to pay our respect to some of the best voice narration we’ve heard all year. We love the Audies, and more importantly, we love the people behind the nominated voices.

This year’s nominees are:

Pardon me. Would you have any Grey Poupon?

Does anyone remember how Grey Poupon changed the world with its odd commercial? In the 90s, young teenagers everywhere with freshly printed driving licenses were pulling up to each other and asking that most important question: Would you have any Grey Poupon? Fits of laughter would be shared between both parties, and if the recipients of the question were hip enough, they would indeed have a bottle of Grey Poupon stashed away in their glove box, which would be produced to everyone’s delight.

We’re Old School: Audio Engineers

Voices Online Now loves our audio engineers. We love them so much, we make sure to use one for each and every session we book. If you get your voices off the churn-of-the-mill websites, chances are you’ll be getting an audio engineer who is really a voice talent that picked up a few tricks in ProTools.

How to Make a Character Special

Stephanie Ciccarelli has already asked, “What makes a character special?” We want to tell you how to make a character special. It really is quite simple: you hire Voices Online Now.

We can write, cast, and direct the perfect character for your business. Don’t believe us? If you click on “Production Demos” up above, you can listen to several excellent examples of the special characters we can create at a moment’s notice. Making your characters stand out from the crowd is ingrained in our company DNA.

Jim Henson's Rediscovered Animation

Jim Henson holds a special place in our hearts at Voices Online Now. The man brought so much recognition to the voice-acting world, and his presence in our media is still evident even though he hasn’t been with us for nearly twenty-five years now.

Beautifully Written Ads

Ads are a big part of what we do here at Voices Online Now. Not only can we cast, mix, and master your ad for you, but we can write it too. That’s right. You heard us correctly. You bring the product or your company, and we’ll ask the right questions, presenting you with multiple versions to bring your product or company to the forefront of the competition.

We're Old School

Voices Online Now isn’t your run-of-the-mill voiceover shop. We don’t allow any old Joe Blow down the street post their demos on our site. Every talent you hear on this website is experienced. And not “I once read a book” experience. These guys and gals have some serious chops on them.

Other websites charge the voice talents a fee to list themselves. This is something you’ll never see us do. We want to make sure we present the cream of the crop, so we handpick every talent on our website.

Frozen Voices Not Frozen at All

How many of our readers have seen Frozen? I’m betting a good portion of you have. It may have been your daughter dragging you to it unwilling, or a date night with your spouse, or peer pressure from all the Frozen posts swarming your Facebook newsfeed. Whatever the cause, I’m sure of one thing: You found yourself charmed just like the rest of us.


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Voices Now offers over 90 different foreign languages to choose from, andnarrator is a cost-effective solution to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents in the world.

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