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In Memory of Hal Douglas

The name Hal Douglas may not ring any bells for you, but we guarantee you’ve heard him. His voice has been introducing movie trailers for decades. “In a world” was his most famous catch phrase, and in the trailer above for “Comedians,” you can see the fun he poked at himself before his unfortunate passing earlier this month. Not only did he lend his voice to our imaginations for all these years, but he served the Navy as a pilot in World War II.

Pranking the Pepsi Way

Technology has been advancing to one moment in time. This clip right here. We can turn off the machines and go back to hanging our laundry out to dry—technology has reached its greatest pinnacle: pranking innocent passersby. This is another fantastic marketing campaign brought to us this week by Pepsi. Not only do they film and release this video on the Internet for all our viewing pleasure, but they captured the imagination of all those who passed the day they set this up.

Spanish and Carrots

The marketing folks behind Trigon’s Health Care ads know what they are doing. The internet has forever been infatuated with three types of videos: cats, fails, and children. Nothing wiggles its way into our hearts quicker than a child being, well, a child. There is an innocence and pure honesty there that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Trigon really captures the imagination of a child’s mind with this particular ad. If you have children, you know how odd their conversations can get, how one topic (spinach and carrots) can veer its way to another (Spanish).

We’re Old School: Tangible Items

Sometimes it feels good to hold something in your hand. Our world has become so washed out in digital this and digital that. For instance, if you’re perusing a voice over website in search of a really fantastic voice for your project and you know that you want someone who sounds real, often times, you’ll have to search through hundreds of voices, listening to each to find the perfect fit. Well, we do things a little differently.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s that time of year again. You may be joining your buddies at the bar to drink a couple green beers, or you may be fixing up an authentic Irish dish at home, or maybe you’re out hunting for a leprechaun with a pot of gold. No matter what you are doing today, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in some way. We are all a little Irish, after all. Around our office, we like to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day by celebrating the voice actors of Ireland.

Wake Up and Smell the Bacon

That phrase will be forever changed if Oscar Mayer has its way. This viral marketing campaign is an excellent example of what can happen when you mix gripping voice over with dynamic visuals and sound in movement. This video hits on all those senses and pulls us into the story. And one of the senses that typically can’t be conveyed through video actually is: smell. They do this by combining all three things we mentioned before, and by adding a sweet (or perhaps salty) opportunity to win a bacon-scent alarm clock that plugs into your iPhone.

We’re Old School: Quality Control Editors

The audiobook industry has really caught fire in the last few years. Our business being entwined with the voice over world, it was no giant leap to think we wouldn’t catch on fire with it. Media has always been at the forefront of our thoughts, and what media is older than the book? I’m sure there are opinions that might say books were not the beginning, but we at Voices Online Now believe books gave us the platform from which to launch ourselves. So how fantastic is it that we are once again on the forefront of a media uprising? Incredibly fantastic.

Who Am I?

Today, I woke up and fought in a world war and learned the hazards of negotiating my car insurance. I took a small break then strapped on my spacesuit to navigate the outer reaches of space, discovering just how “out of this world” these potato chips are. Then I was hungry, you know, because I’d been thinking about potato chips, so I zipped on home for lunch. I quickly became a loving parent with too many children running around and no time to waste, so I popped these sensationally delicious bagels in the microwave and served them all in less than two minutes.

“New Sounds, Old Voices”

Jacob Mikanowski penned “New Sounds, Old Voices,” but he wouldn’t want you to think the words are meant to remain static on the page. His recent article, published in New Yorker, reveals the work Carl Haber is doing for the most interesting world of sound. Sound and the way we record it are ever-changing. From the phonautograph to the 8-track player to the Mp3 player and now the cloud. True audiophiles are always looking around the corner to see what technology is bringing next. And, boy, does it come fast.

A Thousand Words and a Million Sounds

Today’s blog is a little more gut-wrenching than our usual. This video was made by Save the Children, a nonprofit organization that works to save children’s lives and fight for their rights. The video is chilling, depicting a second a day in the little girl’s life. It connects you with the little girl subtly. With only one-second clips, they are able to convey the emotions children go through when they are at their happiest and when they are at their lowest. This video serves to remind us of the impact video has on our world.


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