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Voices Online Now isn’t your run-of-the-mill voiceover shop. We don’t allow any old Joe Blow down the street post their demos on our site. Every talent you hear on this website is experienced. And not “I once read a book” experience. These guys and gals have some serious chops on them.

Other websites charge the voice talents a fee to list themselves. This is something you’ll never see us do. We want to make sure we present the cream of the crop, so we handpick every talent on our website.

Other websites use technology to bombard you with hundreds, even thousands, of talents who are less than the quality you deserve. We use technology to bring you closer to the right man, woman, or child for the job.

Other websites hide email addresses and phone numbers. Not us. We’re here Monday through Friday, and we care about your project. When you call, email, or join the online chat, you are talking to a professional who knows how important this voiceover is to you and your company. We’ve managed thousands of projects, so when you bring your idea to us, chances are we’ve seen something similar. We’ll know the voices that you’re going to love.

So you could go to the other websites and shuffle through hundreds of subpar auditions, or you could come to us and get twenty-five stellar auditions.

Look for future “We’re Old School” blogs to see what else Voices Online Now does differently.

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Our talent finder makes it easy and fun to find just the right talent. Listen through and if you like something just give it a thumbs up. You'll find exactly what your project needs.

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Foreign Voice Overs

Voices Online Now offers over eighty different foreign languages to choose from, and a voice over narrator is a cost-effective solution to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents.

Lingual Services

Voices Now offers over 90 different foreign languages to choose from, andnarrator is a cost-effective solution to reach multilingual audiences. All our foreign talents are native to their country and professional voices you can trust. We have relationships with the finest available foreign voice talents in the world.

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